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GT Wire Rope Pulling Hoist 

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GT Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Product supplied with 20mtr wire rope as standard.
For lengths to to suit your application please
contact us for further information and prices.
Tel: 01427 811095


The GT wire rope pulling machine is an extremely versatile and portable unit for pulling, lifting, lowering and securing loads, that is both easy and safe to operate. 
  • All machines are supplied complete with 20mtr wire rope and an extendable operating lever. 
  • Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end.
  • Only the GT specially manufactured wire rope supplied will ensure correct functioning.
  • The machine has a low maintenance requirements and is easy to service.
  • Overload protection ensures high personal safety when in operation.

GT  1201 Wire Rope Pulling Hoist
Lifting Capacity: 800kgs - Pulling Capacity: 1250kg - Rope Dia: 8.3mm

157.15 each

GT  1202 Wire Rope Pulling Hoist
Lifting Capacity: 1600kgs - Pulling Capacity: 2500kg - Rope Dia: 11mm

234.95 each

GT  1203 Wire Rope Pulling Hoist
Lifting Capacity: 3200kgs - Pulling Capacity: 5000kg - Rope Dia: 16mm

368.99 each

Images are for illiustration purposes only and may not be accurate to the product supplied.
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