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Lever Hoists - Tiger

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Tiger Lever Hoist

RLH250T - 0.25 tonne
RLH250T - 0.25 tonne

RLH500T - 0.5 tonne
RLH500T - 0.5 tonne

RLH750T to RLH3000T - 0.75tonne to 3 tonne
RLH750T to RLH3000T - 0.75tonne to 3 tonne

RLH6000T - 6 tonne
RLH6000T - 6 tonne

RLH1000T - 10 tonne
RLH1000T - 10 tonne

Tiger Lever Hoists

The Tiger lever hoists lightweight, compact and rugged construction with the handle, gear case and brake cover made entirely of pressed steel, producing strong resistance to impact damage. Using only the highest quality materials precisely machined throughout ensures the Tiger ratchet lever hoist is the ideal hoist for long term use with less maintenance and servicing costs. These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157:2004


£89.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£8.00 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£110.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£8.50 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£124.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£8.50 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£150.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£10.00 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£230.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£16.50 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£360.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£33.00 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()


£700.00 each
Add Lifting Height
£60.00 per/mtr

Hight of Lift + ()

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Prices Shown are for standard 1.5mtr Height of Lift

Tiger lever hoists can be supplied with a height of lift to suit your requirements, please contact us for further details on lengths not offered on our website.

Tiger Lever Hoists Main Features

  • Range from 250kg – 10000kg
  • Rugged steel body construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 360 degree handle rotation
  • Short stroke and low lever pulling effort
  • Easy single-hand "freewheeling" operation
  • Drop forged & heat treated alloy hooks
  • High quality alloy calibrated load chain
  • Safe reliable twin pawl mechanical brake
  • Guaranteed light load protection
  • Heat treated alloy steel triple spur gears and pinion shaft
  • Heavy duty chain end stop
  • Operating temperature of -50°C to +50°C
  • Proof tested to 1.5 times rated capacity
  • 1.5m height of lift as standard but can be chained to exact requirements
  • Individual spares readily available

Safety Brake:

The highly efficient twin pawl brake, works instantly when the operation is stopped and securely holds the load. Designed and 100% tested to hold a 2% load of the rated capacity. The bonded friction discs are free of asbestos and achieve highly efficient braking.

Load Chains:

Tiger only use the highest quality alloy, calibrated load chains in Grade 80 (T) or 100 (V)


Drop forged and heat treated alloy hooks on all Tiger lever hoists are furnished with heavy duty latch kits that fully engage into the nose of the hook offering maximum load security. The swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts & bolts allowing for complete inspection during any statutory inspection or written scheme maintenance. Recessed forgings offer full protection to the load chain anchor bolts on all our bottom hooks.


High performance premium quality grease allows the Tiger lever hoists to be certified for use within a temperature range of -50°C to +50°C far exceeding the requirements of current standards.

Chain end stops:

User friendly heavy duty end stops make it easy for the operator to position the chain whilst "freewheeling" but most importantly gives complete compliance to all known standards.

Mechanical Efficiency:

All major components on the tiger lever hoists are heat treated and precisely machined to ensure long term smooth operation. High gear ratios keep physical effort to a minimum.


The Tiger lever hoists are finished in our high quality powder coat paint offering excellent corrosion protection.

Proof Load Tests:

Every Tiger lever hoist is fully tested to 1.5 times its rated capacity.

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Product Code Capacity
AF1 Load Chain
Diameter (mm) 
 Load Chain
No. of Falls
HOL (Mtr) 
Mass kg
 @ std HOL
 RLH250T0.2530 60156245 8263 27 22ø4.011.52.2
RLH500T0.534752762701007530 26ø5.011.5            3,9            
 RLH750T0.75221282402751589930 26ø6.311.57.2
 RLH1500T1.52615436032017210438 34ø7.111.510.1
 RLH3000T3.03818236040019510843 38ø10.011.518.0
 RLH6000T6.04024236057019510857 52ø10.021.528.0
 RLG10000T10.0?370360 63019510871 56ø10.031.542.4

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