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Eclipse Battery Lifting Magnets

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Eclipse Battery Lifting Magnet

Battery Lifting Magnet Dimensions

Battery Lifting Magnet / Magnetic Battery Lifter

Combines the safety, convenience and flexibility of a permanent magnet lifter with the ease of operation of an electro-magnet.

The integral re-chargeable battery is used only to switch the lifter on and off. The lifting power is

entirely provided by ‘rare earth’ permanent magnets. Lift up to 3000kg quickly and safely

Once the magnet is switched on, the load remains
held even if the battery loses charge.

No installation, no wires – simply hook to hoist or

Makes lifting heavy loads a fast, easy and safe oneman

Allows more efficient storage and handling
of materials as access is required only to the top face.

A self-activating eye-switch can be used to activate
and deactivate the lifter. The magnet switches on

when placed on a load and off when the load is no longer supprted by the magnet. This means the

operator does not have to manually switch the magnet – the operator can remain at a safe distance

from the lift area.

Flexible Lifting

Permanent magnet provides all the lifting power, onboard rechargeable battery powers switching only. This is not an electro-magnet. Permanent magnet means lower operating cost and failsafe lifting – once the load is held it remains held until the lifter is switched off.

Battery lifting magnet

  • Lift up to 3000kg quickly and safely
  • Permanent magnet means failsafe operation — once load is held it stays held until switched
  • Push button or automated switching — operator does not have to be in lifting area
  • Only access to top face of load is necessary so stock can be stored more efficiently

Magnetic battery lifter / plate

Magnetic battery lifter / block

Magnetic battery lifter / round-bar

• Fail-safe operation • High load capacity • No installation

Unique replaceable rechargeable battery

Unique replaceable rechargeable battery

Intuitive controls

Battery Lifting Magnet Controls

• Push-button lifting

• Automated self-activated switching as standard

• Radio remote (option)

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